Zaffron Foods

About Us

We are food ingredients manufacturing and distribution company with strong and innovative patented product range which caters to the culinary industry.

We are offering an innovative range of liquid spices in soluble form which is convenient to use and enhances the flavour & aroma of the food. 

Range of Products

OleoLiquid – The Next generation oleoresins

OleoLiquid is the soluble form of spice oleoresins manufactured in a patented nanotech process. Our liquid spices are less concentrated and more convenient to use compared with traditional oleoresins. OleoLiquids are more stable in high temperature cooking with extensive touch of aroma and taste.  And it is easy to infuse in food & beverages at any stage of preparation and supports any form of food application. It has longer shelf lives and easy to store in any condition. 

Our Process

1. Raw Material Sourcing

Raw materials are the most important and crucial part of our production process, and we select only the top quality spices which support the Nano extraction. Our strong network in the industry allows us to source the best raw materials suitable for Production.

2. Manufacturing

We manufacture the products in a patented nanotechnology process and the facility is incubated with NABARD, which adheres to the strictest quality standards, from sourcing to packaging, and uses child-safe ingredients. It is certified for GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP standards and USFDA-registered.

3. Quality

We are an FDA registered facility and follow the highest quality guidelines, which ensure the quality and the stability of the products. We regularly perform Internal and external tests to maintain the standards.

4. Service

We will continuously strive to serve and delight our global customers with outstanding Quality of our products and services. Our team works efficiently to achieve timely delivery and avoid any delays.

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